With a view to uniformity and comprehensiveness, and to assist members in developing their lodge or chapter histories, the following template is presented, which should be varied according to circumstances. All members of the lodge or chapter should lend their assistance and co-operation in this work, especially in gathering up the facts which do not appear in the lodge records.


Section 1 – Geography. Geographical location, surroundings, history, population, development and general condition, social and otherwise, of the local community.

Section 2 – First Steps. Preliminary steps to formation of the lodge or chapter. Names of the members actively concerned in the movement and those who signed the petition for the dispensation, or charter, their occupations, Mechanic records and brief biographies. Other particulars of interest connected with the lodge or chapter in its early stages.

Section 3 – Petition. If an old lodge or chapter, formed prior to the adoption of the present form, a full copy of the petition, with signatures. Give name and number of the lodge or chapter that recommended the petition. To what Communication of the Grand Lodge was it presented, when and where did the Grand Lodge meet, the report of the Committee on Lodges Under Dispensation, or other committee, thereon, and the action of the Grand Lodge. If refused, follow up the activities of the lodge or chapter till the charter was granted.

Section 4 – Key Officers. Identify the Grand Master or Deputy Grand Master the petition was presented to, their actions and the dates. Names of the members appointed Worshipful Master and Deputy Master of the new lodge or chapter.

Section 5 – Physical Location. When, by whom, and in what building, the lodge or chapter was opened under dispensation. Minutes of the first several meetings, or copious extracts or summaries thereof, showing how the new lodge or chapter started off.

     Where, by whom and in what building, was the lodge or chapter constituted? Names of its officers given in the charter and installed, minuted or summary thereof and the social or other functions incident to the occasion (if any).


Section 1 – Roll of Lodge Masters. List of all the Worshipful Masters of the lodge and the year in which each was elected and installed, in chronological order.

Section 2 – Membership. A roll, in chronological order, of all the members of the lodge since its first organization, those “made” Master Mechanics by the lodge in one column, those affiliated in another.

Section 3 – Beyond the Horizon. A list of all individuals who have died while members of the lodge or chapter, with date of death, and noting observance of the burial service (if any), with names of officers performing same and other members present.

Section 4 – Lodge and Chapter Rooms. A brief historical account of the several lodge or chapter rooms occupied, the time of occupancy of each, and the circumstances connected with of cause the changes, the leasing or building of each. A mention of any of the old lodge or chapter furniture or appurtenances that may be if interest.

Section 5 – Traditions. All traditions of interest connected with the lodge or chapter, especially in the early days, and contemporaneous events in the community in which the lodge/chapter or any of the members were directly or indirectly concerned.


Section 1 – Grand Visitation. Note time and circumstances connected with each visit of a Grand Officer, including the District Grand Master, to the lodge or chapter and the social functions (if any) incident thereto.

Section 2 – Lodge/Chapter Name. If the lodge or chapter was named for other than the town or some noted historical or Biblical character, explain the circumstances with biography of the namesake (if a person) or history of the case.

Section 3 – Key Biographies. Biographical sketches of other prominent and deserving members of the lodge or chapter, past and present, but avoid fulsome praises of the living.

Section 4 – Recognition. Special mention of any member or members of the lodge or chapter who have held office in any public local, state or national government organization.


Section 1 – Notable Events. Accounted with dates and full particulars, including officers, members present, etc., of all notable functions or events of the lodge or chapter, public or private, such as:

      (a) St. John's Day celebrations and public installations;

      (b) Cornerstone ceremonies;

      (c) Any other notable events, e.g. Mechanic, patriotic, cultural, etc.


Section 1 – Other Local Jurisdictions. Brief mention of other Mechanic jurisdictions, in same town or county, with date of charter and other particulars.

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