Mechanism Pink Degree

Pink Degree

     The Entered Apprentice is privileged to gather the stones which he or she wishes to true during his or her progress through the Lodge or Chapter. At this point, you symbolize the youth who is choosing his or her life work. The stones that you may find are rough and broken; they will not fit into anything, however, those who have not gathered them can never true them.
     As Free Mechanics, the start of our journey begins in personal darkness when we are blindfolded. This blindfold is an allegory of two things: that our attention might be focused inwards rather than outwards, and also to underline our spiritual poverty. We have come here to seek improvement, in solicitation of being admitted to the mysteries and privileges of Mechanism.
     Thousands of years ago, a physical journey might have lasted many, many years and might have been accompanied by many real dangers and life-threatening difficulties. Our Mechanic ritual attempts to represent this in an allegorical way.
     Under the auspice of The Divine, it is our hope that our journey lead us away from worldly pursuits towards the abandonment of selfish, ego-driven goals, in order to uplift ourselves closer to our Higher Self. A journey away from darkness towards light, for ignorance is the darkness of chaos, and knowledge is the light of the Cosmos.


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