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Mid-Atlantic Mechanics' Club

Seeking individuals interested in serving as charter members of a new Mechanic Lodge in
Montgomery County, Maryland.

     The primary objective of our club is to petition for the issuance of a Warrant of Constitution.

     A Mechanic Lodge is a local organization of the Order of Mechanics formed for the mutual upliftment of its members. It operates under a Warrant or Dispensation from a Grand Lodge.

It has two primary functions:

  1. Provide an opportunity for members to experience fraternal and social bonding through its meetings, programs, and sponsored events.

  2. Initiate new members according to time-honored ceremonies called degrees, ultimately passing down the fraternal heritage that unites all Free Mechanics in brotherhood.

     Mechanic Lodges and Chapters form themselves into family structures exemplifying the high standards and expectations of a well-regulated, tightly-knit organization. Mechanics are individuals who are committed to bettering themselves and their community, having taken a solemn vow to help and mentor their Mechanic Brethren to do the same.

     Friendship, Truth, and Love dictate that we should be friends and truthful to all mankind and, above all, "be our Brothers keeper", which is in keeping with the teachings of the Volume of Sacred Law. Our aim is to practice and promote just Philanthropy, Charity and Benevolence, and that through our example, society at large will know the true meaning of Fidelity, Benevolence and Truth.

     Mechanism is practiced all over the world in the hearts of men and women.

Make a difference. Find your truth.

Lodge Room

     The Order of Mechanics has a wonderful history, which dates back more than two and a half centuries. It is one of the world's oldest secular fraternities, a friendly society concerned with spiritual and moral values. Established on three great principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth, it aims to bring together individuals of goodwill, regardless of background and differences.

     The essential qualification for admission is that you have a belief in a Supreme Being. It is usual for candidates to be 21 years and over, however younger individuals may be admitted into a Juvenile Mechanics' Lodge.

All are welcome!

1st Thursday @ 7:30 PM (Jan, Mar, May, Sept, Nov)
Silver Spring Civic Center
One Veterans Place
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
2nd Sunday @ 2:00 PM (Feb, Apr, June, Oct, Dec)
Wheaton Library and Recreation Center
11701 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring, Maryland 20902
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