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Maryland Public Service Program

          Today, many American citizens struggle with issues tied to the affirmation of identity, citizenship and heritage. These issues typically stem from a toxic combination of social mislabeling and skewed information presented as historical fact in America's public education systems.

          To provide remedies to the "American" identity crisis, the Maryland Public Service Committee of the Moorish Science Temple of America has developed a comprehensive public service program focused on teaching the principles of citizenship and various techniques for introducing improvements in local communities through legislative activitiy. Our program emphasizes the importance of economic security, and operates under the auspice of the program highlighted in A Divine Warning by the Prophet for the Nations.

          In the context of the Maryland legislative process, our public service program promotes the following principles:

1. Moorish-American citizens freely submit to the jurisdiction of, and pledge allegiance to, the Republic of the United States of America, and agree to abide by any and all laws and rules of the federal government and constituent states.

2. Moorish-American citizens wholeheartedly recognize and embrace all civic duties, obligations, and responsibilities for managing all cultural, political and economic operations in their local communities.

For more information, please inquire at:

Moorish Science Temple of America
c/o Maryland Public Service Committee
2923 Rockrose Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland    21215

Maryland General Assembly

2019 MARYLAND LEGISLATIVE SESSION - 439th session of General Assembly will convene in Annapolis, Maryland during January 9 - April 8, 2019

The General Assembly is Maryland's legislative body representing 47 districts. There are 47 Senators and 141 Delegates.

The Senate Committees are: Budget and Taxation, Education-Health-Environmental Affairs, Finance, and Judicial Proceedings.

The House Committees are: Appropriations, Economic Matters, Environment-Transportation, Health-Government Operations, Judiciary, Ways-Means, and House Rules and Executive Nominations.

Every American citizen should understand his or her exact relation to the federal government, their state government, and his or her relations to foreign governments and international common law.

Ensuring "shared" moral and ethical values with their elected officials is a fundamental responsibility of each American citizen, and is necessary to safeguard equal opportunity to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Accept the definition of citizenship to be the enjoyment of equal rights and privileges at home, and equal protection abroad. We have no law in the United States of America which divides our "citizens" into classes or makes and differences whatever between them.

"I am an American citizen."

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