Benefits derived from the
1872 Illinois Religious Corporation Act
for the
Moorish Science Temple of America


    On November 26, 1926, the Moorish Temple of Science was incorporated in the State of Illinois in compliance with "An Act Concerning Corporations" (approved April 18, 1872). This action was confirmed by Illinios Secretary of State Louis L. Emmerson.

    On May 2, 1928, the Moorish Temple of Science started the process of transitioning from a non-profit, civic corporation to a religious corporation. The transition process was completed on July 20, 1928 with the filing of a Religious Affidavit of Organization in the Illinois Cook County Recorder's office. This affidavit was filed in compliance with (805 ILCS 110) Religious Corporation Act (RCA) and (805 ILCS 115) Religious Corporation Validation Act.

    The Moorish Science Temple of America (MSTA) Religious Affidavit of Organization is commonly referred to as "Our Authority." It is a valid legal record of the original MSTA incorporated by Noble Drew Ali, which is currently led by the eighth Supreme Grand Sheik, Brother Emmanuel Braswell Bey.

    The object to which the MSTA is formed is to uplift fallen humanity and to teach those things neccessary to make men and women better citizens.

Benefits of RCA

  1. The RCA provides no guidelines for governance or operation of the MSTA, thereby giving the MSTA the greatest latitude for creating its own system of governance.

  2. The RCA does not provide for administrative dissolution of any religious corporation, so the MSTA leadership need not be concerned with being dissolved by the Secretary of State due to a failure to file annual reports or meet other filing requirements.

  3. Unless the corporation changes its name or wishes to modify the declarations made in the original affidavit, no subsequent reports are required. No agency of the state or local government exercises any discretion over the content of MSTA corporate documents.

  4. For religious corporations that are part of a hierarchical association or denomination, the RCA supports the legal imperatives established by such an ecclesiastical body, insofar as governance of the individual corporation is concerned. This enables the MSTA to regulate and control its participating members without concern that corporation laws would interfere.

  5. The RCA does not impose limitations or restrictions on the legal structure and governance of the MSTA. MSTA founders were able to freely develop its legal structure, providing for trustees, corporate officers, committees, and governing rules and policies.

    When duly applied, the religion of Moorish-American nationality is a powerful cultural system which provides a vehicle for executing social, economic, political and spiritual agendas under the protection of the American Constitution. Freedom of religion is a constitutionally protected, natural and unalienable right provided in the religion clauses of the American Constitution. All aspects of Moorish-American nationality are included in its religion - Islamism.

    Below is a digital copy of the Religious Affidavit of Organization which was submitted in compliance with 805 ILCS 110/115. The purpose of the affidavit was to (1) officially declare the religious nature of the organization, (2) identify the new corporate name and
(3) specify the appointment of Mealy El, Small Bey, Lovett Bey and Foreman Bey as Sheiks of the Moorish Science Temple of America.

    The complete text of the RCA is officially published in Hurd's Revised Statutes Annotated - the primary source book for the State of Illinois.


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